There is a growing need for data security in our digital world, where so much of what we do is inextricably intertwined. Businesses cannot neglect the need to protect critical data and systems. Transcend is mindful of this and provides high-security mechanisms to prevent deliberate data destruction or data theft and to secure corporate digital assets.

TCG Opal Storage Specification

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is an organization that formulates industry standards to secure computing. TCG’s Storage Work Group created the Opal Security Subsystem Class (SSC) as one class of security management protocol for storage devices. The target audience includes manufacturers of storage devices, software vendors, system integrators, and academia. These specifications cover the manufacture of storage devices, system setup, management, and use; they allow for password protection and hierarchical storage management, while preventing data from being stolen or tampered with. Click here to have more information.

Disk Lock & Encryption

To meet different demands in various scenarios, Transcend offers simple, fast, and cost-effective security functions. With a few easy steps, users can secure data by establishing security levels and passwords.

How to keep your value.
  • TCG Opal Toolbox
  • ATA Security Toolbox
  • UFD Security Toolbox
TCG Opal Toolbox
Set Password

Users may set a password to control access to the drive. Where drive locations are password-protected, only users with the correct key will be authorized entry.

Set Locking Range

The device manager may create a logical block address (LBA) range and assign different permissions for each particular range. Only users with the correct authentication key may perform permitted actions.

Pre-Boot Authentication

When a user starts a device, the shadow MBR will conduct a pre-boot identification. Where the user is cleared, the normal boot process will begin and connections to devices be made.


Users can restore the storage device to its default settings by entering a unique set of PSID (Physical Secure ID). The function allows for secure and permanent erasure of all sensitive or confidential data.

ATA Security Toolbox

Check the detailed security status of your disk to fully catch on your drive conditions.


Choose the security functions including lock, unlock and erase.


Determine your security level between high and premium and set two passwords to secure your data.

UFD Security Toolbox

Display device information, including model name, firmware version, and protection status.

Write Protect

Enable/disable write protect function.


1. Enable security function and lock the device.
2. Change password.
3. Check security status, such as the sizes of public and security partitions.
4. Enable one-time password(OTP)

Make the right choice to secure your business.
Tailor-made SDK

Software development kit (SDK) is developed to seamlessly integrate Transcend software with your current system, such as Windows or Linux, to carry out smooth operation. Flexibility and compatibility are crucial to our customers, and so they are to us.

Multi-layered security

Multi-layered security ensures better protection for data compared to a legacy mechanism. Transcend's security infrastructures allow users to set different access permissions for different users and choose security levels based on users' needs. Multi-layered security protects your information from various threats.

Operate in local network,
security doubled

All security functions take place within the device itself. They do not need to pass through the host (operating system), making for faster and more secure operation and preventing operating system compatibility issues.

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