DrivePro™ Body:
designed to last

Body cameras are an essential piece of equipment for security professionals and emergency services personnel. Time on duty is unpredictable at best, and having equipment that’s reliable in the heat of the moment is crucial. The ability to capture clear images when in motion and at night, and being waterproof and temperature proof for use in inclement weather, are also key considerations when making a purchase.



Emergency services




Evidence collection


Image sensor

A camera's image sensor determines image quality. The larger the image sensor, the more light it captures, meaning the clearer images will be. Transcend's DrivePro Body cameras utilize high-quality wide-angle lens, and tempered glass with an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprint smudging.

High-quality image sensor

Wide-angle lens

Tempered glass with oleophobic coating

*The DrivePro Body 30 featured

Infrared LEDs

Infrared light is the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum invisible to the naked eye that lies between microwaves and visible light. It greatly helps improve recording quality at night or in darkened places. While certain manufacturers use the 850 nm range, the DrivePro Body 30, for instance, is engineered to tap the higher 940 nm wavelength—found less often in nature—so as to prevent discoloration of images.

Wireless control

A body camera equipped with wireless transmission capabilities offers users an immediate preview of saved files when paired with a mobile device. Transcend adopts Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for lower power consumption, and Wi-Fi for larger-scale signal coverage and data transmission capabilities allowing for high-bandwidth transmissions over long distances. The DrivePro Body 30, DrivePro Body 60, and DrivePro Body 70 support both Bluetooth for basic setup and switching modes, and Wi-Fi connectivity for data transfer and live streaming.

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Home
  • Settings
  • Live view

Rugged and resistant

Material selection and design are another important factor when selecting a body camera. Transcend's DrivePro Body 70 has been IP68 rated, and DrivePro Body 30 and DrivePro Body 60 have been IP67 rated by an independent laboratory, offering full protection against dust and immersion in water. The shell is a polycarbonate fiber composite that is wear resistant. In addition, all DrivePro Body cameras meet rigorous US military drop-test standards for shock resistance, and have passed wide temperature testing and will perform at -20°C to 60°C for most applications and environments.

  • Wide temperature tested
  • Polycarbonate fiber composite
  • Lab-certified


While the camera's exterior is important, what's under the hood is equally so. Having a storage medium you can trust to securely record evidentiary footage is crucial. Transcend's body camera series offers large storage capacity for high-quality videos.


Uniforms are made to suit their purpose. Diversity in compatible camera accessories provided is a value-added benefit when selecting a body camera. For example, a 360° rotating clip allows 360-degree shooting at will; a Velcro holder can be put on quickly; a magnetic mount provides fail-safe attachment in position; and a MOLLE mount is usable with tactical vests.

  • 360° rotating clip
  • Velcro holder
  • Magnetic mount kit
  • MOLLE mount

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